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September 1, 2015
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A toilet is a hygienic and sanitation appendage used for the ejection of human waste. Many contagious diseases, including diarrhea and cholera can be prevented when effective hygiene sanitation systems are in place. Disinfected toilets are important part of the sanitation system.

Types of toilets
Our company Plumber Lewisham mentions some basic types of toilet system, which are most commonly used.
Flush toilets
Pit latrines
Dry toilets
Chemical toilets

Flush toilets
A typical flush toilet is a hyaloids, stoneware bowl containing water. The water in the Flush toilet bowl is connected to a drainpipe. The bottom of the U-shaped pipe helps to limit the pitch of the water before it flux down the drain. The water in the toilet bowl behaves like an obstacle to sewer gas as a repository for waste. Sewer gas is ventilated through a pipe that is attached to the sewer line of the flush toilet. The amount of water used by conventional flush toilets probably makes up a portion of daily water usage. However, modern flush toilet design uses less water per flush. A flush toilet can aslso be initiated without a cistern. It can be flushed manually by utilizing few liters of water.

Dry toilets
Dry toilets use very little or no water for flushing purpose. There are many types of dry toilets.

Pit latrine
The pit latrine has a one with ventilation or a simple hole in the landscape.

Composting toilet
The composting toilet uses excreta with carbon materials for faster dissolution.

Chemical toilets
The best thing about Chemical toilet is that it does not need a connection to a water supply. Examples of Chemical toilets are airplane toilets, complicated space toilets and passenger train toilets.

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