How to unblock a shower

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May 6, 2016
How to unblock an outside drain
July 1, 2016

When you have a problem and you want to take a shower, you may end up within ankle deep and murky water. When you have a blocked shower Lewisham, there will be nothing great about it. The good news is that there are many drain cleaning solutions that can make things run in a smooth way at once. You have to be aware of when to do the unclogging on your own or when to call the plumber to do it for you.

When the problem is hair or grease, then you may try out the DIY approach. There are many blockages and clogs that can be removed easily. You can use a number of the DIY techniques. The problem, especially if it is caused by the soft blockage, will be located close to the surface of a drain. When you are aware of what blocks the drain or if you want someone to fix the problem faster, then you can call for a plumber.

When a person hears about the blocked shower Lewisham, the first thing that he is going to think about is to use the drain cleaner. The cleaners have corrosive chemicals that can power into the soft clogs near the surface of a drain. The cleaners may be in liquid form and they contain potassium hydroxide, lye and bleach. There are drains that contain two components and they do mix when they get poured within the drain. It creates a gas which is trapped in the plumbing system and it makes a thick foam. The foam is then designed to coat the drain pipe and it will remove the substance that may lead to the clog. The chemical drain cleaner may be convenient and also easy to use. There are many of them that may need you to pour them in the clogged drain and you can wait for some time or you may rinse using warm water.

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