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April 6, 2016
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May 11, 2016

The timer control is in charge of many operations of the washer. It is in charge of the water level and the tub filling or emptying together with the length of the cycles and the cycle setting sequences. This is why the washing machine repairs Lewisham concerning the timer have to be completed by a professional person. However, before you call for a technician, you have to try to find out what the problem is and if the timer is the problem.

You should start by unplugging the washer and accessing the timer to remove the control knobs and the panel which covers the controls. The same control panel can be accessed at the back of a unit. You have to be careful when it comes to examining the wires which connect a timer to other parts of a washer. When the wires are disconnected or loose, you have to try to push them into position and see if they fit in the terminals such as the plugs. You can use long-nosed pliers in order to push them in the position so that you may avoid breaking the wire connection. You should not pull the wire using your bare hands.

In order to test the timer, you should use an ohm and volt meter which is set to the RXI scale. The RXI is the lowest setting and it should be the default setting of a meter. You should disconnect the power that leads to a timer and clip a probe of the VOM to every lead. The VOM has to read zero if the timer works well. Because the timer is working like a multipurpose switch, you should turn it into a cycle and test it on every pair of the terminals in the return. When the reading of the timer is zero, you have to do the washing machine repairs Lewisham because it is faulty.

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