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October 28, 2015
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March 9, 2016

It is always a terrible feeling when you try to flush the toilet but the content refuses to disappear. However, when this happens in Lewisham and you find out that you do not even have a plunger or snake at that moment, this is the time to turn to your kitchen to check if there are some common household items that can help you to unblock the toilet. Within 20 minutes, the toilet may be operating in the normal way once again and you are not going to spend money hiring a plumber for your blocked toilet.

You have to start by filling a pot with 1 gallon of water and then heat the pot on your stove. You can choose the pot that comes with a side handle so that you can handle it much easier. While the water continues to heat, use liquid dish soap in the toilet bowl and let the dish soap stay there for over 10 minutes.

The soap can be the only thing that you will need so that you may loosen up or break up the clog. You should turn off the stove before the water boils since what you need is hot water but not boiling water. Stand firmly before the toilet bowl and pour out the hot water quickly and steadily into the toilet. When the force of the hot water gets combined together with the soap, then it can help you to dislodge a blocked toilet Lewisham. When this method does not work at once, you should let the hot water stay for some minutes. If the hot water did not work, then unravel a wire coat hanger and try to push it inside until it can dislodge the obstruction to make the toilet work properly.

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